Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy requires thorough knowledge of functional anatomy and physiology in order to understand how the body responds to the stress of sporting activities.

Our Sports Therapists have a variety of methods they use  to treat an injury should it occur during a day-to-day activity or during a sporting event.  They understand the complexities of a safe exercise program and a specific rehabilitation program and will prescribe each according to the patients needs.

Therapeutic Massage

“The scientific manipulation of soft tissue for injury prevention and therapeutic purposes, involving the restoration to normal functional activity of the various structures of the body.”
Sports massage is a superb form of treatment simply because it works with the body’s own healing processes. Increasing blood circulation and lymph flow, reducing muscle tension and spasm and manipulating the injured tissues helps reduce pain and improve range of motion. This results in realigning scar tissue, the prevention of adhesions  and a much faster return to activity.


The purpose of a clinical treatment is to help restore function back to the damaged tissues following injury or trauma.
To assist in treatment, Ultrasound is used to reduce inflammation, increase blood supply, promote analgesia, soften scar tissue and reduce muscle spasm.

We are one of the few practices in the country to own a long-wave ultrasound unit, specifically  for  immediate use on  acute sporting injuries, whereas a period of 24 – 48 hours is required before most ultrasound units can safely be employed.