Osteopathy is a recognised system of diagnosis and treatment, its main emphasis being on the structural and functional integrity of the body.

Osteopaths are trained to use their hands to identify points of weakness or excessive strain throughout the body by using palpation, a highly developed sense of touch.  Various treatment techniques may be used including soft tissue techniques,  rhythmic passive joint mobilisation or the high velocity thrust techniques designed to improve mobility and the range of movement of a joint.  Gentle release techniques are widely used, particularly when treating children or elderly patients.

Osteopathy can help with a wide range of problems including all joint, back and neck pain, postural problems, repetitive strain injury, persistent headaches, sports injuries and many more.

Treatment sessions  are approximately 30 minutes long and depending on the individual, one or two treatments may be all that is necessary. (Sometimes of course, osteopaths can get a little too enthusiastic about their work and on occasion, they have been known to explain the structure of the human body to anyone who’ll listen!)